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room available 2 blocks from mica sept 1st
 mineraldeposit - (22daysleft)
01:38pm 15/08/2008
the house is literally right around the corner from the meyerhoff on park and lafayette. If you or someone you know is looking for a room for the next school year, please let them know.
400 a month partially furnished basement room with lots of closet space and nooks in a 5 bedroom apartment on Park and Lafayette.Male or female is fine. One bathroom is shared with 3 other people, and there is a washer and dryer in the basement hall (which also provides storage space) There is a big kitchen with a pantry, lots of cabinet space, and a dishwasher. The living room is huge with high ceilings, a complimentary couch, Big windows providing lots of light, air conditioning, and "free" cable. There is a nice porch for watching thunder storms and mica kids wandering about. 3 of the rooms are open and 2 of the rooms are occupied by mica sophomores, one male and one female, both of whom are super nice.
The official date on the lease would be september 1st, but it would be fine to move in/store things before then.The lease would be for 9 months or you could extend it if you wanted
Give me a call at 248-1152, or email: ljasek@mica.edu if you are interested/have any questions/want more pictures
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Exchange student selling Text books! Urgent - Sale before july 9th!
 mineraldeposit - (theblacksink)
01:33am 19/06/2008
theblacksink posting in Mineral Deposits (MICA 2010)
I have a couple of books for sale (bought for Color Photography class and Critical Inquiry)

1. Color Photography (Text book + color chart)
2. The Art of the Story (Required text)
3. Paula Vogel, How I learned to Drive
4. Robert O'hara Insurrection: Holding History
5. Mament. Oleanna

I'll take the best offer :) I'm leaving the county July 10th, so please contact me before hand.

Thank you!
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is that possible to not declare a specific major
 mineraldeposit - (cooperunionxxx)
06:35am 28/10/2007
Dose MICA encourage interdisciplinary study? because I just want to try very things during my undergraduate, I dont want to specialize in any program, so is that possible to not declare a specific major like ....you can take any courses you want during 4 or 5 years in MICA? thanks !
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 mineraldeposit - (poetrygoat)
02:00pm 16/08/2007
Looks like we have a dead community on our hands. :(

Well, I have a question for all of you Photo majors. Are any of you interested in photographing models? Not necessarily fashion. Or is anyone particularly good with makeup? I'm trying to build a [modeling] portfolio, but of course I don't have much money to do that - and I'm sure you all are just as busy building your own portfolios. I'm also more interested in creative artistic photography right now rather than strike-a-stick-poses.

Anyone interested?

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(no subject)
 mineraldeposit - (bio_luminescent)
11:45pm 12/05/2007
zack posting in Mineral Deposits (MICA 2010)
Hello everyone, my name is Zack, spelled a K, however its legally spelled with an H but for some reason Ive always spelled it differently. I'm a transfer student to the MICA class of 2010 and just wanted to say "Hi!" to, well, you. I primarily work in photography, but also do some video and printmaking and other types of work. I'm planning on being a GFA major because i like working across mediums and exploring and not labeling myself, although, Ive heard from some people that the GFA program isn't that great, and that "they don't have the best teachers" as someone once told me. Can anyone tell me anything about the GFA program? Ok I must be going. I'm still in school and have more work to do. Stupid quarter system. Ok bye for now.

Oh and I'm from the Bay Area, California, moved to Atlanta, Georgia three years ago, and have lived in Savannah, Georgia this past year, just in case you were wondering.

And I have a website, but haven't updated it in a while. Bye again.
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(no subject)
 mineraldeposit - (22daysleft)
11:23pm 17/04/2007
so do a lot of kids stay around for the summer?
or is it pretty emptied out?
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(no subject)
 mineraldeposit - (22daysleft)
12:48am 10/02/2007
i looked over the really early entries of this community out of boredom, and just wanted to say how cute this community was
aww, we were so cute and excited

yea, anway,
i love mica, but i really hate art matters.

oh, and i REALLY miss my sculptural forms class
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textbook plea
 mineraldeposit - (notions)
12:54pm 20/01/2007
ally posting in Mineral Deposits (MICA 2010)
Does anyone have a copy of Black and White Photography: A Basic Manual by Henry Horenstein? I'm hoping to either borrow it for the semester or buy it off you. If you're interested, comment or email me: astoneham @ mica.

[crossposted, sorry if you're seeing this twice.]
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Final Cut Pro 5.
 mineraldeposit - (crudelydrawn)
12:24pm 20/01/2007
Annie posting in Mineral Deposits (MICA 2010)
Hey. I'm taking Video I this semester and our required text is Diana Weynand's Final Cut Pro 5 guide. Does anyone have a used copy (with the accompanying DVD) and want to sell it to me? If so, name your price here and I might get back to you.


[cross-posted to mica_debauchery]
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(no subject)
 mineraldeposit - (tobytakeabow)
06:08am 13/12/2006
} posting in Mineral Deposits (MICA 2010)
is anyone else in steve gilberts painting II class next semester?
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